Friday, October 15, 2010

Kenai Peeking from Under Mrs. Walters' Desk

Spread Your Wings and Fly with Monarch Butterflies

Mrs. Walters students rear and hatch Monarch Butterflies every fall.  These Monarch Butterflies are then tagged (working with Monarch Watch) and released to make their journey south to Mexico.  Students and Kenai LOVE this hands on learning activity.  We look forward to each successful release.

Giving Kisses 2 My Favorite 2 Gals

Miss Michelle gets a kiss from Kenai, while Mrs. Eramo tries to keep her breakfast from being eaten.

Kenai helps with homework

Kenai lends Jacob H. a helping hand with his homework.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Christina from PetCo Teaches about Pet Ownership and Responsibility

Kenai's groomer, Christina, from PetCo volunteered to visit our class and teach us about how to be a responsibile pet owner.  She also shared with the students how the "dog brain" works.  Her presentation helped us better understand the "Siberian Husky" in Kenai.  In the front of the picture, notice the Monarch habitat.  We will share more about the Monarch Butterfly Project later. 

Kenai is BACK!!!

After a very restful summer, Kenai was ready to come back to school.  Kenai still thinks he knows how to do spelling as he helps Tristan and Jacob looks on.  Students at McKinley were so thrilled that Kenai was able to come back to school.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Building Our Sled

Our video that shows each stage of builiding our sled. This includes sanding, staining and assembly. This sled assembly was a huge accomplishment for our students. This was a cross curricular project that included lessons on angles, reading the blueprint, team work, and patience. Here is the link to our sled kit:

Kenai in the News...

"Dog Teaching Students Responsibility, Teamwork"
Kokomo Tribune
November 14, 2009
By Danielle Rush-Tribune Staff Writer

To read about me in the here.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting with Kenai

A long held tradition comes to McKinley....yeppers, no one is ever too old to hunt eggs.  Middle school students enjoy the great spring weather while hunting eggs with Kenai.  They all wanted Kenai as they know he has a nose like no other animal on him. 

Quiet time with Dakota

We all need a break from "work" sometimes.  Dakota enjoys some quiet time with Kenai while he (Dakota) takes a break from his studies.  Kenai tries to convince Mrs. Walters that Dakota can take the rest of the the afternoon off.

Kenai visits Western Middle School

Kenai and his friends were able to visit a local middle school and share their knowledge about the Iditarod through individual powerpoint presentations.

After the presentations, Kenai took a few lucky Western students on a sled ride.  God blessed us with a fresh late dusting of snow to enhance this experience too.
Feb, 2010

Kenai Gives Kisses

Kenai and McKinley student Wes share a kiss...well, maybe Kenai gives kisses while Wes desperately tries to get away from his affection.  Truth be told....Wes does LOVE Kenai!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Much Fun....

Kenai has another amazing run in the snow.  Kenai teaches us daily about team work, responsibility and love.  Kenai showed us today that he is beginning to catch on to this "Hike" command.  He also took Joe on his first solo run.  After running the sled, Joe and Kenai sat down for a little reading time. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Blankets

This post is a little late...

Middle school students made their OWN Christmas gifts from their teachers this year.  Kenai joined them for this photo opportunity.  Awesome warm blankets

Ruthie, Kayla and Rajuante working on Rajuante's blanket...

Kenai the Theif!!!!!!!!

Kenai is always looking for FOOD.  Today he tried to take Miss Michelle's apple right out of her hand.  Perhaps he was simply looking for some extra energy to fuel his ornery body before a sled ride today???

Seriously Kenai!!!!!!!! 

Kokomo Snow = Sledding Fun with Kenai

Kokomo has enjoyed snow since students returned from Christmas break. This snow means PE classes outside with Kenai. Since Kenai begs to go outside to play, we MUST take PE outside almost daily. Enjoy our pictures of our latest sledding adventures

Kenai Takes a break....

Mrs. Walters with Dakota and Wes working with Kenai.

Ready for the next rider....

Here at McKinley we pray for snow daily....