Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting with Kenai

A long held tradition comes to McKinley....yeppers, no one is ever too old to hunt eggs.  Middle school students enjoy the great spring weather while hunting eggs with Kenai.  They all wanted Kenai as they know he has a nose like no other animal on him. 

Quiet time with Dakota

We all need a break from "work" sometimes.  Dakota enjoys some quiet time with Kenai while he (Dakota) takes a break from his studies.  Kenai tries to convince Mrs. Walters that Dakota can take the rest of the the afternoon off.

Kenai visits Western Middle School

Kenai and his friends were able to visit a local middle school and share their knowledge about the Iditarod through individual powerpoint presentations.

After the presentations, Kenai took a few lucky Western students on a sled ride.  God blessed us with a fresh late dusting of snow to enhance this experience too.
Feb, 2010

Kenai Gives Kisses

Kenai and McKinley student Wes share a kiss...well, maybe Kenai gives kisses while Wes desperately tries to get away from his affection.  Truth be told....Wes does LOVE Kenai!